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18.4R34 1* Firestone Radial 23 Rear Tractor R-1


18.4R34 1* Firestone Radial 23 Rear Tractor R-1 Rear Tractor Tires


18.4R34 1* Firestone Radial 23° ( R-1) Rear Tractor Tires

18.4R34 1* Radial 23° Features & Benefits:

  • Large footprint and Firestone’s 23° tread design provides optimum traction, a smooth ride and even wear
  • Features the latest Firestone 23° Tread Bar Advantage Technology
  • The lower angle (23°) of the tread bars delivers better grip (less slip) and a 15% better ground contact than 45-degree bars.
  • 23° tread bar wears more evenly, lasts longer and offers a smoother ride.
  • 23° maximizes horsepower, which means operators can expect to save both time and fuel in the field.
  • Open-center tread offers better self cleaning, allowing better traction
  • High-angle stabilizer belts allow for maximum traction
  • Bead and rim flange protector keeps debris from lodging between the tire and rim for reduced downtime
  • Designed for agricultural applications

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Weight 306.3 kg