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23x1050x12 04 OTR Litefoot (T4042310512)


23x1050x12 04 Ply OTR Litefoot (T4042310512) Turf Tires

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23x1050x12 4 Ply OTR Litefoot Turf Tires (T4042310512)

23x1050x12 04 OTR Litefoot Features & Benefits

  • 23x1050x12 4 Ply OTR Litefoot Turf Tires produce minimal turf damage yet has excellent traction
  • Superior wear
  • Designed for equipment required to work in sandy conditions
  • The Lightfoot tread pattern provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Constructed with a long wear rubber
  • Designed for great handling and performance on small turf equipment.

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Weight 25 kg

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