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27x1050x15 04 BKT LG 306 Turf


27x1050x15 04 BKT LG 306 Turf Tires

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27x1050x15 4 Ply BKT LG 306 Turf Tires

27x1050x15 4 Ply BKT LG-306 Turf Tires Features & Benefits

  • 27x1050x15 4 Ply BKT LG-306 lawn tractor tires are an ideal tire choice when it comes time to replace your original fitment mower tires.
  • Excellent quality tire that performs extremely well in both residential and commercial mowing environments.
  • The definitive “S” type block tread pattern provides a high level of traction without damaging the turf.
  • Key turf tire sizes are available in high ply ratings that enable the LG306 to operate in punishing and strenuous work environments.
  • Designed with a flat tread profile that provides a higher contact area to the grass and longer tread life. A hefty tire casing and greater tread depth provides increased puncture resistance.
  • BKT LG-306 turf tires are very well-built, durable and reasonably priced – They are an excellent value!
Manufactured by: BKT
Model: LG-306
Product ID: 7-837

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