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31x1350x15 10 Carlisle Flotation Rib HF-1


31x1350x15 10 Carlisle Flotation Rib HF-1 Tires


31x1350x15 10 Ply Carlisle Flotation Rib HF-1 Implement Tires

31x1350x15 Farm Specialist HF-1 Features & Benefits

31x1350x15 10 Ply Carlisle Farm Specialist HF-1 Flotation Rib Implement Tires are designed to provide flotation. Used on wagons, balers, harvest equipment, tankers, seeders and other applications when flotation is a requirement. Features a wider foot print for optimal flotation. HF-1 multi ribbed Implement tires have many features similar to an I-1, however, the profile is more flat in appearance to offer wider footprint for heavy load distribution.

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Weight 54.5 kg