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460/85R38 (18.4R38) 149A8 BKT Agrimax RT 855 Radial Tractor R-1W


460/85R38 (18.4R38) 149A8 BKT Agrimax RT855 Radial Tractor R-1W


460/85R38 (18.4R38) 149A8 BKT Agrimax RT855 Radial Tractor R-1W

460/85R38 (18.4R38) 149A8 BKT Agrimax RT 855 Features & Benefits

  • 460/85R38 (18.4R38) 149A8 BKT AgriMax RT 855 tractor tires are the most prominent tires in the BKT farm line up
  • Provide a highly versatile and deep size lineup that represents the needs of the American farmer and modern-day agricultural machinery.
  • Features an advanced lug design that delivers excellent traction, smooth ride, long wear and efficient self-cleaning.
  • Built with a broad tread with an optimum number of lugs and open center tread that enhances self-cleaning and delivers exceptional traction.
  • Extremely durable tire engineered with a robust bead design and stubble-resistant tread compounds.
  • Designed as a high load capacity tire with outstanding flotation characteristics to ensure minimal soil compaction.
  • Manufactured with a prominent rim guard that protects the rim from damage.
  • Categorized as an “R-1W” radial tractor tire. R-1W tractor tires feature a 20 percent deeper tread depth than the average radial R-1.
  • High quality, competitively priced tire that has emerged as one of the most sought-after tires in the farming industry. A premium radial tire with a great price makes this tire an exceptional value!
Manufactured by: BKT
Model: Agrimax RT 855
Product ID: 7-358

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Weight 326 kg