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7.50×16 08 BKT AS 504 Rear Tractor R-1 (Tube Type)


750×16 08 Ply BKT AS504 Rear Tractor R-1 Tires (Tube Type)


750×16 8 Ply BKT AS 504 Rear Tractor R-1 Tires (Tube Type)

*Please note this tire requires the use of a NEW TUBE

7.50×16 8 Ply BKT AS 504 Features & Benefits

  • 750×16 8 Ply BKT AS 504 Tractor Tires are engineered with a tread pattern designed to provide exceptional traction to drive wheels on tractors, ground driven tractor implements and even a variety of construction applications.
  • Part of the highly reputable BKT farm tire line-up.
  • Designed with straight tread lugs that provide traction for an even, steady pull.
  • An open center tread design assures efficient self-cleaning action for optimal traction.
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different applications. Many sizes are specific to traction implements, 4WD tractors and industrial/construction equipment.
  • Designed for transport and soil tillage operations
  • Also suitable for loading and hay harvesting applications

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Weight 29 kg