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7.50×16 08 BKT Rib Implement I-1 (Tube Type) >DOT Rated


7.50×16 8 Ply BKT Rib Implement Tires I-1 (Tube Type) >DOT Rated

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750×16 8 Ply BKT Rib Implement Tires I-1 (Tube Type) >DOT Rated

*Please note this tire requires the use of a NEW tube

7.50×16 8 Ply BKT RIB 713 Features & Benefits:

  • RIB 713 is a steel-belted tire for agricultural implements.
  • Designed with IF technology enabling the tire to carry heavier loads at lower inflation pressures
  • Provides a larger footprint with uniform weight distribution.
  • The steel-belted structure provides excellent puncture resistance and increased protection against stub punctures
  • “D” speed rating (65 km/h – 40 mph) allows for fast road transfers.
  • RIB 713 maximizes both productivity and efficiency

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Weight 27 kg