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8×16 06 BKT TR 144 Rear Tractor R-1 (Tube Type)


8×16 06 BKT TR 144 Rear Tractor R-1 (Tube Type)


8×16 6 Ply BKT TR 144 Rear Tractor R-1 (Tube Type)

*Please note this tire requires the use of a NEW tube

8×16 6 Ply BKT TR 144 Tractor Tires Features & Benefits

  • 8×16 6 Ply BKT TR-144 Tractor Tires are ranked as a premium farm tire commonly used for front positions on 4-wheel drive tractors.
  • Heavy duty & built with dual angled tread lugs. This dual angled tread design provides extreme traction and long life in both field and on-the-road applications.
  • Engineered with a proven tread design that provides optimum ride, comfort and even wear as well as excellent self-cleaning traction.
  • Features a strong casing for superior stability.
  • Designed to be a durable and dependable tire for tractors operating in general farming applications.
  • Also very suitable for wet conditions such as paddy fields and wet loose soil.
  • More spacing between the tread lugs provide extra traction in these types of wet conditions.
Manufactured by: BKT
Model: TR-144
Product ID: 7-383

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

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