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photo of a farm tractor with rear tractor tires and 4WD front tractor tires

Rear Tractor Tires R-1 & 4WD Front Tractor Tires

Rear Tractor Tires are agricultural tires designed with deep multi-angled lugs that provide farm tractors with the utmost traction required for hauling heavy loads or pulling large farm equipment. Although technically classified as “rear tires”, they are also utilized as the “front” tires on a wide range of 4WD tractors. Ken Jones Inc supplies a wide range of high quality rear tractor tires to the agricultural community. We have a strong farm tire background which enables us to help you make the right choice when it is time to invest in new tractor tires.
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Choosing the right rear tractor or any type of farm tire is particularly important in this niche. Proper sizing, tread design, and load capacity considerations can make the difference to your bottom line. We know the equipment, we understand your applications, and that makes us the best source when you are searching for replacement tires for all of your equipment such as tractors, implements, wagons and manure spreaders.
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Offering customers options is a priority for us. We stock the full line of the best brands in the farm industry, such as Titan, Goodyear, BKT, Firestone, Bridgestone and more. We like to offer “good, better, and best” options when ever possible. While some companies may offer you only one or two brands, or just what they have in stock, Ken Jones will search their nationwide network to help help you find the right product.

Rear Tractor Tires Designed to Perform In All Agricultural Environments

Like most ag tires, rear tractor tires can be classified into a few different categories linked to tractor machinery usage and soil types and conditions. In fact there are specific tire “codes” that are standard throughout the industry. These codes are an excellent guide for determining the type of service for which a tractor tire is intended. No matter what type of farming environment you are working in, Ken Jones has the rear tractor tires to keep your equipment moving.

Rear Tractor Tire Applications:

R-1 tires are the most common type of tractor drive tires in the United States and Canada. They are an excellent all-purpose option that will perform very well in normal farming conditions. A very popular bias R-1 tractor tire is the BKT TR135. Another one of our best sellers in the R-1 tread is the Titan Hi-Traction Lug – manufactured right here in America. R-1W drive tires were introduced in Europe for the wet soil found there. This type of rear tractor tire is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. The “W” signifies wet soil service. R1-W tires can have anywhere from 15 to 35 percent deeper tread depth than an equivalent R-1 tire. Although originally designed with an extra deep tread for wet soils, this category of tractor tire is also very well suited for tractors in higher wearing environments, such as feed lots or machines with greater than normal road use. Check out the BKT Agrimax RT855 for a high quality radial R1-W tire. R-2 tractor tires are manufactured to perform well in rice and cane fields and other crops grown in wet muck of flooded fields. The R-2 is about twice as deep as the R-1. Finally, R-3 tires are large turf tractor tires designed for use on turf or in sandy areas or any other terrain where the disturbance off an aggressive lug-type tire is not wanted.
Radial vs. Bias
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Bias vs. Radial

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16.9x28 06 Carlisle Farm Specialist R-1 Rear Tractor Tires

Carlisle Rear Tractor Tires

photo of the 7.50x16 8 Ply Deestone D402 Rear Tractor Tires

Deestone Rear Tractor Tires