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photo of the tires on a skid steer loader

Skid Steer Tires & Skid Loader Tires

Application Specific Tread Designs for Skid Steer Tires

With their ever increasing ruggedness and ability for special attachments, skid steer loaders have become one the most important pieces of equipment in the industry. Their versatility is second to none when it comes to excavation, demolition, farming, construction, recycling and landscaping. As these machines capabilities have increased, so have the demands of Skid Steer Tires.

Todays machine operators are more likely to prefer skid loader tires that are “purpose-built” with tread designs that are “application-specific”.

At Ken Jones Tires we stock a huge selection of purpose built skid steer loader tires with specific tread designs that will improve machine performance and reduce cost per hour.

“We Make it EASY to BUY Hard to Find Tires!”

How to Choose the Right Skid Steer Tires

“As a repeat customer we have always found the team at Ken Jones Tires great to work with. We regularly purchase skid steer tires for our construction and site work division. The prices and service are superb. The knowledgeable sales manager is always there to answer any question when it comes to ensuring you have the right tire for the application. It is refreshing that you get to know the people working there and foster an excellent business relationship . I would recommend Ken Jones Tire to anyone in the market for skid steer tires and tires for other heavy duty equipment as they have been an outstanding resource for our company” Adam – Phoenix Company Inc.

Top Skid Steer Tire Brands








Application Specific Skid Steer Tire Categories

Skid steer tires basically break down into a few distinct categories:
Hard Surface skid steer tires are designed for exceptional wear in hard surface applications such as concrete and pavement.
Severe Service skid steer tires are designed with a super deep tread with cut and chunk resistant tread compounds.This tire performs well in extreme job sites such as rock, gravel, demolition, scrap yards and glass plants.
Heavy Duty skid steer tires are premium tires that are constructed with a rim guard and extra thick sidewall bar to help protect against rim damage and sidewall punctures. Combining higher ply ratings, traction, long life and quality, these tires are ideal for applications such as general construction, skid loader rentals, snow removal, landscaping and farming.
Standard Duty skid loader tires are more economically priced and are used for light landscaping duties and other mild service applications.

So, if you have an application question or just need a little advise, PLEASE contact us….we’ll help you find the perfect tire fitment.

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