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It’s Tire Chain Time!

While it is true that most of the US is still enjoying our fall season, the first snows have already been reported in a few states. No one really wants to think about snow right now, right? But if you rely on your equipment running all winter long- in any type of weather- now is the perfect time to start thinking about tire chains!

Once the first major snow storms hit, tire chain supplies dwindle very quickly. In the fall, we have the best inventory of chain styles and sizes available. Ken Jones Tires carries many different high quality chain styles to offer our customers options based on traction needs, hours of operation, durability needs and, of course, cost.

We know your equipment. We know the tires on your equipment. That makes us the perfect resource for finding you the right chains for all of your machines.

Our phones are answered only by experienced tire chain experts who understand all your various application needs.
We are here to help you find the proper chain for your equipment, application and budget!

Always keep in mind that snow chains are not manufactured for specific tire brands and will not be available in every tire size. Each chain will fit a combination of different sizes, and may require some adjustment in the length of the chain.

Great Selection of Styles and Sizes for ALL of Your Equipment

We stock chain options for all types of car, truck and specialty tires- from the smallest snowblower tire to the largest skidder tire! Click the links to below to see the various sizes and descriptions of chain styles in that equipment category. We also stock a full selection of tire chains accessories, and screw in ice studs for equipment that doesn’t have enough clearance for tire chains.
Tractor Tire Chains
Compact Utility Tractor Chains
Lawn Mower & Lawn Tractor Tire Chains
Snow Blower Tire Chains
ATV/UTV Tire Chains
Skid Steer Tire Chains
Backhoe Tire Chains
Forklift Tire Chains
Grader Tire Chains
Loader Tire Chains
Truck Tire Chains
Skidder/Forestry Tire Chains

What you Should Know Before You Buy Tire Chains:

Do you have enough Clearance?

First you need to know if you have enough clearance for chains. Clearance requirements vary on different types of equipment, from 2 inches on a snowblower to 4 inches on a loader. If you’re not sure if you have enough clearance, just give us a call.

What is your Tire Size?

The next thing you need to know is your tire size. But be aware that one size tire chain may fit multiple tire sizes- it can be very confusing! This is where a tire chain expert can help.

What Type of Work Environment Will You Be Working in?

Next, you need to consider your work environment. Is it hilly, icy, are you operating in the woods or rough terrain? Are you using them every time it snows, or in emergency applications only?

What Type of Tread Style is on Your Tire?

Tread designs determine the style chain that will work best for you. Some styles of chains work better for tread designs with deeper lugs, etc…

What are your Traction Needs?

How aggressive your traction and durability needs are will determine which style will give you the best results.

Watch the Video Below to Help you Get Started

Frequency Asked Questions about Tire Chains

Will tire chains help in mud?

Yes, they will provide an increase in traction in mud. They are designed for snow and ice, but can also help increase traction on slopes, and muddy environments.

Will tire chains damage my driveway?

If you are talking lawn tractor or snow blower chains (non studded) – the answer is generally no. If you spin your wheels excessively, yes- they will mark your driveway.

Will tire chains work on ice?

Yes- but generally V- Bar or studded chains are preferred for use on ice.

How do I know if tire chains will fit?

In some cases, tire chains do not fit like a glove right out of the box. They are manufactured to fit multiple sizes. You may need to cut off some of the chain length and tighteners are available to improve fitments.

Where are tire chains required?

Tire Chain requirements vary for each individual state. Click here to view Tire Chains Laws by State.

Where are tire chains legal?

Tire chains are legal in all 50 states. States have their own restrictions and requirements regarding the use of tire chains. Click here to view Tire Chains State Laws.

Will snow chains damage rims?

They shouldn’t if the fitment is correct- because the side chains rests in the middle of the top of the tire and the rim- at the widest point. If the chain is too low due to improper fit, then yes, they could damage the rim.

Will tire chains damage tires?

They should NOT damage your tires.

How long will tire chains last?

That depends greatly on the amount/frequency of use and the quality of the chain.

Can tire chains be lengthened?

Yes, side chain repair lengths and additional cross chain can be added to lengthen.

Can snow chains be used on normal road?

Yes- see state laws for each state’s individual laws and requirements.

Can snow chains break?

Yes- especially if they do not fit properly, or you spin your wheels excessively- any chain can break.

Where to buy tire chains?

It is always best to buy tire chains from a reputable tire chain company that will answer the phone and stand by their product. If you purchase simply based on price, you will run into product/customer support issues and most definitely quality issues.