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Tire Chain Buying Guide

Tire chains provide extra traction when operating your equipment on hard packed snow, icy or even muddy conditions. The many different styles available offer varying levels of traction, durability, self cleaning and repairability. Because one size chain can fit many different tire sizes, it can be confusing to know what chain styles are available for your tire size and application. As with all the products we sell, Ken Jones Tires wants to make it EASY TO BUY TIRE CHAINS ONLINE…So we put together a tire chain buying guide that should help you choose the right tire chains and also answer most of the frequently asked questions we hear.

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General Guide to Buying Tire Chains


First you need to make sure your equipment has enough clearance for the chain. Clearance requirement will vary for different types of equipment. From 2 inches for a snowblower to 4 inches for a loader.

Find your Tire Size

Your tire size can be located on the sidewall of the tire. *Keep in mind that one size tire chain will fit multiple different tire sizes.

Environment and Application

Hilly, icy, woods and rough terrain may all warrant a different tire chain style. You also need to consider usage requirements. Will the chains be used every time it snows or just for an emergency situation?

Tire Tread

Because varying chain styles will sit on the top of the lugs/treads in different ways, knowing what type of tread you are using may determine the style you choose. You can always take a photo of your tire tread and send to it us, if you are not sure.

Watch the video for some extra tire chain buying tips

Chain Styles

2 Link

Ladder pattern style chains; cross chain every two links

4 Link

Ladder pattern style chains; cross chain every four links

Aquiline MPC

Durable and light weight – won’t fall in between the lugs. Great for equipment with limited tire clearance. Will not tear up asphalt in driveways and parking lots.

Aquiline Talon

Studded Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains Are Second To None When It Comes To Performance In Severe Winter Conditions With Extreme Ice And Hard Compacted Snow. With Its Square Pattern Cross Chain Design, Talon Studded Tire Chains Provide Exceptional Stability And Prevent The Chain From Falling Down In Between The Lugs Of Your Tires.

Babac BSS

Babac Single Diamond Stud. Stud chains produce constant traction on ice and rock, excellent wear characteristics and offer a smooth operator ride. BABAC: 10mm 10 studs

Diamond Studded (ATV)

Diamond Stud ATV Tire Chains allow outdoorsmen to explore the previously unexplorable.Studded atv tire chains are the ideal choice for those back woods explorers and serious off-road riders.

V Bar Diamond (ATV)

V-Bar Diamond pattern ATV Tire Chains allow outdoorsmen to explore the previously unexplorable. Extremely durable and highly aggressive to battle the most demanding traction applications.The diamond pattern design provides superb stability and lateral traction on hills and slopes.

Double Ring

Double Ring chains are ideal for use in mud or snow, on or off road and excellent in soft terrain. They feature case hardened double welded rings that rotate, providing extra wear and self-cleaning action.

Predator (ICC)

Made with alloy steel…strongest steel available! * Swivel hooks allow the cross chains to turn as the tires turn- lasting up to 4 times as long. Swivel hooks allows the cross chains to be changed while still on the tire. EXTRA HARD – 4X LONGER LASTING – SQUARE LINK X CHAIN

Predator Single (Truck)

Made with super hard steel for maximum strength and durability. They offer superior performance – unique square link cross chains delivers 35% more traction than twist link chain. Easy tightening.


Heavy Duty (4-LINK) RoadBoss Tractor Tire Chains are ideal for both highway and off road conditions such as general road work and farm work. More economically priced, they are an excellent choice for tractor turf tread tires or tractor tires with worn lugs. Less effective on deep lug tires since the cross chains may slip down between the lugs.

Roller Grip

Replace cross chains in minutes while on the road WITHOUT TOOLS – Triple the chain life as the cross chain wears evenly on 4 sides instead of just one.

Roller Grip SPQ80 (Truck)

Longer lasting cross chains. Replace cross chains in minutes while on the road WITHOUT TOOLS! Triple the chain life as the cross chain wears evenly on 4 sides instead of just one.

Single Highway (Truck)

Standard twist link tire chain recommended for highway use.This type of tire chain is an excellent choice for less demanding applications and reduced hours of operation.

Single V-Bar Reinforced Cam Chains (Truck)

With all of the features and benefits of standard V-bar chain, single V-bar reinforced cam chains also have tightening cams for easy and quick take-up of side chain slack. Each bag contains a tool which is inserted into the cam slot to tighten chains the desired tension.

Snow Hog (Snow Blower)

Snow Hog Twist Link Snow Blower Tire Chains (2-link). Built with extra thick cross chain for snow blowers with deep lug tires.

Tru Grip

Designed to prevent the cross chains from dropping between the lugs of the tire tread by adding an interconnected adjacent cross chain. Sit high on the face of the tire and stay on top of the tread lug resulting in superior traction and bite.

Twist Link

Twist link equipment chains Our twist link ladder style chains are built exclusively for heavy duty commercial equipment such as graders, scrapers and loaders.

V Bar

V-Bar reinforced cross chains provide increased traction in demanding conditions. Featuring case hardened alloy steel cross chains for long life and dependable performance. 2 Link Spacing between cross chains = double the traction!

V Bar Dual Triple Truck)

With all of the features and benefits of standard V-bar chain, dual triple V-bar reinforced cam chains also have cams for easy and quick take up of side chain.

Wide Base Twist Link (Truck)

Wide base chains are designed for vehicles with wide tires.

X-Trac (Snow Blower)

X-Trac Twist Link Snow Blower Tire Chains (2-link). Built With Extra Thick Cross Chains In An “x” Pattern For Snow Blowers With Super Deep X-Trac Tires.

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