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V-Bar Reinforced Tire Chains- This Week’s Chain Style Spotlight!

Well winter weather has certainly arrived in most parts of the US… With snow and ice comes an increased demand for tire chains! We are frequently asked about how to choose which style chain to use on equipment. There are many different factors to consider when choosing the right style chain for your tire tread and also your application and equipment. One popular chain style we carry is V-Bar Reinforced.

V-BAR Reinforced Tire Chains provide outstanding traction in severe icing conditions such as ice storms, freezing rain and hard packed snow. They are manufactured with steel “V-Bars” that are welded in place along the cross chain.

V-Bar Chains are usually available for the following types of tires:

Features of the V Bar Reinforced

  • V-Bar is considered or referred to as a “wear bar” or “reinforced bar” because they extend the life of the tire chain
  • Built with case hardened steel cross chains for long and dependable performance
  • 2-Link spacing provides twice as much traction, better handling and stability

Watch the video below for more information

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