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Screw In Tire Studs are Great for Snow, Ice and Extra Traction

Tire studs, also known as ice studs or tire ice screws, can be used in tires or in rubber tracks when you are operating your equipment in extreme environments such as snow and ice. These removable screw in studs to will convert your tires to winter tires. They are a particularly good alternative when you do not have enough clearance on your equipment for tire chains. Ice studs can be removed and reused year after year. Most screw in tire studs are used on tractors, backhoes, forklift, ATV and equipment with rubber tracks. We are often asked if they will work on snowblowers? Many snowblowers do not have enough clearance for tire chains but the treads have cut sipes that would prevent being able to screw in a tire stud.

Ice Studs Offer:

  • Superior traction
  • The BEST option For equipment unable to use tire chains due to limited clearance.
  • The BEST option if you have damage concerns with tire chains
  • For Off Road Vehicles and equipment.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Can be easily removed and reused season after season.
  • Durable carbide tip- field tested for highest quality.

Screw In Tire Studs can be used on:

  • ATV’s, UTV’s and Side by Sides
  • Fork Lift Trucks
  • Skid Steers
  • Farm Tractors
  • Compact Tractors
  • Other Construction Equipment

Can Also Be Used On Rubber Tracks

Our customers have been extremely pleased with the added traction ice studs provide for equipment with rubber tracks. Dave was having trouble maneuvering his skid steer on hard packed snow and ice. Here is what Dave had to say about using tire studs in his rubber tracks:

“Unbelievable. It’s like night and day…like having new tracks on my machine. I am in awe of the difference. Before I had to slow my machine or crawl. Now I can go full speed!”
Dave L.
Hardwick, MA

MaxiGrip Tire Stud Sizes

Which Size Tire Stud to Use

Tire stud size is determined by the tread lug depth and also the screw size..Here are some general product guidelines for the ice studs we carry.

MaxiGrip HM-15 is used on smaller tractors, mid-sized ATV’s and small industrial vehicles with a tread depth of 14mm.

MaxiGrip HM-18 is used on small tractors, compact loaders, skid steers, fork trucks and larger ATV’s with a tread depth of at least 17mm.

MaxiGrip HM-25 is used on mid-sized tractors, compact loaders, backhoes, loaders and larger fork trucks with a minimum tread depth of 24mm.

MaxiGrip HM-30 is used on loaders, backhoes, large tractors, dumpers and other heavy machinery with a tread depth at least 29mm.

Expert Product Support for Tire Studs

As with all the product we sell, our experts are available by live chat, email or phone support to help you determine is tire studs are a good option for you.

Specialty Tire Experts at Ken Jones Tires

How to Install and Remove Tire Studs

The video below shows how easy it is to install and remove tire studs.