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Ken Jones Tires announces New Safety Resources for Tractor Tires & other Equipment Tires

As a leading distributor and seller in the specialty tire industry, Ken Jones Tires has always made educating our customers a number one priority. Whether it be quick tips for replacing a specific type of OEM tire, to trying to help you choose the right type of tire online with so many options of brands and tread designs are available, we have tried to provide expert tips in our Youtube videos, blog posts and social media.

In previous safety blog posts, we had some “bits and pieces” as resources became available from tire manufacturers. Our new Tractor Tire Safety page is a compilation of everything we have from previous blog posts as well as important videos and resource links from the tire manufacturers.



Tire Inspection Checklist and Video

Safety starts with a proper inspection of your tires. There is a quick inspection checklist video as well as more information about speed and load safety.

Choosing the RIGHT Tires

Many tire failures and tire related accidents are a result from not using the proper tire to begin with. Ken Jones offers expert advice both online and by phone to help you make sure your tire selection will work with your equipment, application and environment.

Manufacturers Safety Resources

Because we have always found it difficult to find safety information online, we tried to compile all the manufacturers safety links and resources. We will continue to add resources as they become available.

Visit our Tractor & OTR Tire Safety Page


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