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Tractor Tire Chain Styles: A Guide to Choosing the Right Tractor Chain

Shopping for tire chains for your tractor online can get very confusing with all the various levels of quality and chain styles available. As with all of the products we sell, we try to offer as many style options for our customers in order to find the RIGHT chain for their particular type of equipment, application, environment, durability and usage needs and of course, budget! the following in a general guide to the applications and benefits for each style of tractor tire chain we carry. Keep in mind, that chains are not made for every tire size, and all styles will NOT be available for each size. The best way to see which style chain is available in your tire size is shop by tire size on our main website:

screen shot of shop tractor chains by tire size webpage

Ken Jones Tires carries only top quality tire chains, and of course, we offer expert product support. If you have any questions, or are having trouble find what you need, just give us a call, email us or live chat on our main website.

Here is more information about each chain style we carry:

Photo of a double ring tire chain on a tractor tire

Double Ring

Double Ring Tractor Tire Chains are ideal for use in mud and snow applications, on and off road applications and perform exceptionally well in loose or soft terrain. They feature case hardened double welded rings that rotate and move freely, providing extra wear and self cleaning action.


Double Ring Features:

  • Popular style of chain
  • It’s ladder pattern and 2” diameter rings prevent the cross chain from sliding in between the tire lugs.
  • Designed with overlapping cross chain rings that are large enough to prevent the chain from falling in between the tire’s tread lugs.

Each individual ring is 2 1/2 inches tall with a wire thickness of 5/16″. Two rings are stacked and then connected to two more stacked rings and so on…

photo pf the Aquiline MPC Tractor Chains on a tire

Aquiline (MPC)

These chains are made with hardened alloy steel for longer life and come with square links and wear bars and won’t slide in between the tire lugs. You get both aggressive traction with no damage when used for snow removal. Great choice for compact tractors!

Aquiline MPC Features:

  • Aquiline MPC Chains are specifically designed to fit tractors and other equipment with limited clearance in wheel wells.
  • Manufactured with a narrower 5.5mm cross chain for minimal space with added wear bars for longevity.
  • Aggressive, yet won’t damage asphalt when used for snow removal.
  • Manufactured from hardened alloy steel in a square link design for added bite.
  • Square pattern cross chain design, Aquiline MPC tractor tire chains won’t fall between the tire lugs.

Great for use with compact utility tractors, skid steer loaders and agricultural equipment.

Phptp of RoadBoss Tractor Tire Chain on a tractor tire


Heavy duty (4-LINK) RoadBoss Tractor Tire Chains are designed for both highway and off road conditions such as general road work and farm work. the case hardened twist link cross chains are made of 3/8″ diameter chain.

RoadBoss Features:

  • 4 Link Spacing
  • Twist link design which provides added traction in mud, snow and field conditions.
  • Usually more economically priced than the more complex chain patterns and styles.

Excellent choice for tractor turf tread tires or tractor tires where the lugs are worn down. Less effective on deep lug tires since the cross chains may slip down between the lugs.

All sizes of Roadboss tractor chains have a cross chain thickness of either 3/8″ or 7/16″. Any tire size with a width of 17.5 inches (ex. 17.5L-24) or below will have 3/8″ cross chains. Any tire size with a width of 18.4 inches (ex. 18.4-38) or above will have 7/16″ cross chains.

photo of Aquiline Talon chains on a tractor tire

Aquiline Talon

Studded Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains are second to none when it comes to performance in severe winter conditions with extreme ice and hard compacted snow.
With its square pattern cross chain design, Talon studded tire chains provide exceptional stability and prevent the chain from falling down in between the lugs of your tires.

Aquiline Talon Features:

  • The robotically fused double studs provide the ultimate in on-road and off-road traction.
  • Square Pattern cross chain design.
  • 9mm studded cross chains are manufactured from specially designed alloy steel, case hardened for added durability.
  • All Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains feature hardened steel side chains, heavy duty cross chain hooks and easy to use boomer style side chain fasteners.

Photo of Tru Grip chains on a tractor tire

Tru Grip

Tru Grip Tractor Tire Chains offer superb lateral traction and stability when operating on slopes, side hills and other hilly conditions. They are designed to prevent the cross chain from dropping between the lugs of your tire by adding an interconnected adjacent cross chain.

Tru Grip Features:

  • Sit high on the face of the tire and stay on top of the tread lug resulting in superior traction and bite.
  • Cross chains are case hardened with a wire thickness of 3/8″.

Applications for this Style:


Ideal for AG/tractor R-1 tires and Industrial R-4 tires with medium to deep tread lugs. Tru Grip Snow Chains are a great option when operating on icy, hilly terrain.

Photo of V Bar Tractor Tire Chains on a tire

V-Bar Reinforced

V-BAR Reinforced Tractor Tire Chains provide outstanding traction in severe icing conditions such as ice storms, freezing rain and hard packed snow. This particular tractor tire chain is designed for Ag tires that are commonly found on 4WD compact utility tractors. Currently available in 6 popular small tractor tire sizes.

Features of V-Bar:

  • Manufactured with steel “V-Bars” that are welded in place along the cross chain.(Also described both as a “wear bar” or “reinforced bar” since they extend the life of the tire chain).
  • Feature case hardened steel cross chains for long and dependable performance.
  • 2-Link spacing adds the benefit of twice as much traction as well as better handling and stability.

photo of the Roller Grip tire chain on a tire

Roller Grip

Roller grip tire chains allow operators to replace cross chains in minutes WITHOUT TOOLS! They also offer triple the chain life as the cross chain wears evenly on all 4 sides.

Roller Grip Features:

  • Replace cross chains in minutes while on the road WITHOUT TOOLS!
  • Triple the chain life as the cross chain wears evenly on 4 sides instead of just one.
  • Use the swivel hook design over and over again for an indefinite period of time in spite of the number of times a cross chain is replaced.
  • Eliminates the need for tire chain tighteners and old fashioned chain pliers.

Great choice for municipalities and for use on tractors and backhoes.

Any Questions- Just Give Us a Call to Speak with a Tractor Tire Chain Expert.

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