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photo of a tractor with tractor tire chains in the snow

Tractor Tire Chains

“We Make it EASY to BUY Hard to Find Tire Chains!”

Best Selection of High Quality Tractor Tire Chains

Tractor tire chains keep your machines working all winter long- in any type of conditions! Equipment operators across the country know that chains are simply the best solution when it comes to providing traction in snow and icy work environments. Some winter conditions can be so severe that it becomes nearly impossible to operate without them. Snow chains provide the extra traction, stability and safety you need when you need to keep operating in harsh conditions.
Huge Inventory of Chain Styles & Sizes
Ken Jones Tires stocks a huge inventory of tractor chains with a variety of styles that fit nearly every tractor tire size.
Expert Product Support for Tractor Chains
We have access to just about any tire chain application you request. Maybe you’re using a backhoe to dig a house foundation in the middle of January….or you’re a farmer using your tractor to move feed and material across any icy concrete pad or up a snowy hill…or maybe you’re in the woods logging and standard tractor tire chains just don’t cut it. If you’re not quite sure what style chain are best for you and your machine…CALL US !!. Ken Jones Tires has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the decision process. We know your equipment, we know the tires these chains fit on, and we know how to find the best style and fitments for your needs….and your budget!


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Types of Tractor Chains

Double Ring

Double Ring Tractor Tire Chains are ideal for use in mud and snow applications and perform exceptionally well in loose or soft terrain. They are designed with overlapping cross chain rings that are large enough to prevent the chain from falling in between the tire’s tread lugs. They offer outstanding self-cleaning action and extra wear.


V-BAR Reinforced Tractor Tire Chains provide outstanding traction in severe icing conditions such as ice storms, freezing rain and hard packed snow.This particular tractor tire chain is designed for Ag tires that are commonly found on 4WD compact utility tractors. Currently available in 6 popular small tractor tire sizes.
Aquiline Talon- Studded Tractor Tire Chains

Aquiline MPC

Aquiline MPC Tractor Tire Chains are specifically designed to fit tractors and other equipment with limited clearance in wheel wells.This tire chain style and pattern provide the best traction when limited clearance is an issue. They are manufactured with a narrower 5.5mm cross chain for minimal space with added wear bars for longevity. Great for use with compact utility tractors, skid steer loaders and agricultural equipment. Won’t damage asphalt when used for snow removal.

Talon Studded

Studded Aquiline Talon Tractor Tire Chains are second to none when it comes to performance in severe winter conditions with extreme ice and hard compacted snow. Talon studded chains provide exceptional stability and prevent the chain from falling down in between the lugs of your tires.


Tru Grip Tractor Tire Chains are designed to prevent the cross chain from dropping between the lugs of your tire by adding an interconnected adjacent cross chain.These chains sit high on the face of the tire and stay on top of the tread lug resulting in superior traction and bite. Ideal for AG/tractor R-1 tires and Industrial R-4 tires with medium to deep tread lugs.Tru Grip tractor tire chains offer superb lateral traction and stability when operating on slopes, side hills and other hilly conditions.


RoadBoss Tractor Tire Chains heavy duty (4-LINK) are ideal for both on road and off road applications such as general road work and farm work.They are an excellent choice for tractor turf tread tires or tractor tires where the lugs are worn down. They are less effective on deep lug tires since the cross chains may slip down between the lugs. This chain style is more economically priced than the more complex chain patterns and styles.


11.2x34 / 11.2x36 Roller Grip Swivel Tractor Chain (4-link). -1 Pair--2250
Roller Grip tire chains allow you to replace broken cross chains in minutes while on the road WITHOUT TOOLS! This makes them a great choice for municipalities. Great chain style choice for tractors and backhoes. Extremely durable:Triple the chain life as the cross chain wears evenly on 4 sides instead of just one. Use the swivel hook design over and over again for an indefinite period of time in spite of the number of times a cross chain is replaced. Eliminates the need for tire chain tighteners and old fashioned chain pliers.

Why Do You Need Tire Chains For Your Tractor?