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Tru Grip Tire Chain Style – Great Choice for Tires with Deeper Lug Tread

Continuing our series of tire chain styles- this week’s style spotlight is the Tru Grip. This chain is designed to prevent cross chains from slipping in between the lugs.

With all of the questions we hear about which style chain to use on vehicles and equipment, the first question we will always ask is do they have enough clearance for tire chains? Tru Grip Chains are a great option for some types of equipment when

As with all the products we sell- we want you to have choices- good, better and best options when possible. Since applications and environmental factors play a big part of your decision, sometimes you may just need to call us so we can make sure you get the right product both for your tread style, your equipment and your application. So don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions.

Tru Grip Chains work well plowing/snow removal and also woods applications.
They feature an aggressive H Pattern Chain that prevents the cross chains from falling between the tire lugs.

Tru Grip is Generally Available for the Following Types of Equipment

Skid Steer

Tru Grip Tire Chains on a tractor tire

Features of Tru Grip

  • They sit high on the face of the tire and stay on top of the tread lug- this gives you superior traction and bite!
  • Offer superb lateral traction and stability when operating on slopes, side hills and other hilly terrain.
  • Tru Grip Tractor Tire Chains are designed to prevent the cross chain from dropping between the lugs of your tire by adding an interconnected adjacent cross chain.
  • Ideal for AG/tractor R-1 tires and Industrial R-4 tires with medium to deep tread lugs.
  • Cross chains are case hardened with a wire thickness of 3/8″.
  • Great otion for snow removal and woods applications.


Watch the video below for more information

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