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What tire manufacturers offer the best lawn mower tires?

That is a question we often get asked as speciality tire experts…While we tend to recommend the lawn mower tire brands we sell, here are some of the top brands for lawn mower tires sold in the US.Keep in mind that individual preferences may vary based on specific needs
and requirements, especially for commercial mower applications, but all of these brands are well regarded.At Ken Jones Tires, we always start by asking the question, what tire is on your mower currently and did it perform to your expectations? It is important to know that the same size tire will vary greatly in dimensions from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Top Lawn Mower Tire Brands:

  1. Carlisle:
    Carlisle is a reputable tire manufacturer that offers a wide range of lawn mower tires. They are known for their durable construction, good traction, and smooth ride. Carlisle Turf Saver and Carlisle Multi-Trac C/S are popular tire models for lawn mowers.
  2. Kenda: Kenda is another brand that offers reliable lawn mower tires.
    They provide various tread patterns and tire sizes to suit different lawn
    mower applications. Kenda K500 and Kenda K358 are among their popular models for lawn mowers.
  3. Greenball: Greenball is recognized for its versatile selection of lawn
    mower tires. They offer tires with different tread designs and load
    capacities to meet the demands of various lawn mowing tasks.
  4. Greenball Soft Turf, Greenball Sawtooth, and Greenball Turf Rider are
    commonly used lawn mower tire models from their lineup.

  5. Deestone: Deestone manufactures lawn mower tires known for their
    durability and affordability. Their tires often provide good traction and
    stability on different terrains. Deestone D837 and Deestone D265 are
    examples of their lawn mower tire offerings.
  6. MaxAuto: MaxAuto is a brand that offers a range of lawn mower tires
    at competitive prices. Their tires are designed for optimal performance
    and durability. MaxAuto Turf Saver and MaxAuto Mowku are among
    their popular lawn mower tire models.

When purchasing a lawn mower tire, it’s essential to consider factors such as the terrain you’ll be mowing, the desired level of traction, the load capacity required, and any specific features or preferences required for your application and environment. Reading customer reviews and consulting with experts or local speciality tire dealers can also provide valuable insights when choosing the best lawn mower tire.

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